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Mobilizing 4 Sustainability

What are we doing? Through a shared vision based on personal commitment, our school community is mobilizing to affect the earth's resources and reduce our carbon footprint through the following programs:

-Seed Saving Bank   - Time Banking

-Sustainability Forum and Workshops

Passport Required

"Building International Bridges"

Through corporate sponsors, Pearl Academy seeks to financially help our students achieve global awareness and to branch out and deepen their understanding of the world. Passports Required offers corporations a tax deductible donation to provide travel grants to students unable to afford the cost of planned educational travel. Our goal is for the students to have a global experience and to understand their connection to the world


Summer 2016 School Trip: Havana, Cuba

Childhood Obesity Essay Contest 

"How can we reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity by the year 2018?"


1st Place Winner will receive an 8-week paid summer internship*

2nd Place Winner will receive a Kindle Fire HDX

3rd Place Winner will receive $100


Eligibility Requirements

-All elementary, middle and high school students are eligible for the essay contest

-Students must submit their essays and entry forms by the contest due date.



Time Banking

An Alternative Monetary System

Time Banking has been known as a community of caring where members form a true network of relationships through responsibility. 


Core Values:


-values our community

-builds neighborhood economy

-stabilizes community cohesiveness

-creates a self-sufficient & sovereign  communities.


June 1, 2017 - July 28, 2017 

Ages 6-16




-Field Trips              

-Bike Riding & Repair  

-Roller Skating          

-Book Club

-First Aid Training

-Over-night camping

-African Drumming

-Arts & Crafts

-Organic Gardening



Annual Youth Health Science Fair Exchange

Atlanta's Independent Schools have created a platform for our youth to become more scientifically engaged, so they can develop critical thinking skills that address health challenges that the people in their community suffer from disproportionately. During our 2-day science fair, students will highlight their research on issues threatening our community's health. This science0based platform is also designed to recapture our students' interest in the medical sciences.


2009 - Diabetes

2010 - Environmental Racism

2011  - Childhood Obesity 

2012 - Vaccinations

2013 - Genetically Modified Foods

2014 - Medical Malpractice

2015 - Ebola

2016 - Infant Mortality 

2017 - Cell Phones









-Spanish Classes

-History Lessons

-Math Tutoring 


-African Film Festival

-Survival Training

-Piano Lessons


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