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Pearl Academy, a college preparatory institute, is situated in a residential setting on a 5-acre wildlife habitat. Pearl Academy remains steadfast in pursuing excellence in character, a challenging curriculum and on-going community interactions. 


Our curriculum is based on National and State standards that are taught from a culturally relevant perspective, designed to empower students to achieve their full potential and have an impact in the world. We foster a family spirit within our student body offering learning experiences where students work in small groups or on individual projects to encourage self-directed learning, self discipline and decision making. The Academy operates on the two semester system. Students sit for standardized examinations in the spring. Classes are from 60-90 minutes with a ratio of one instructor for approximately every 8 students. 


We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit.


For over 15 years, Pearl has promoted an appreciation for environmental awareness and sustainability practices. Our outdoor classrooms continue to promote interdisciplinary learning, conservation, and a love for nature. 

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